Triazinylamino stilbene derivatives and their use as optical brighteners

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Geigy Ag J R
  • Publication Date: January 06, 1971
  • Publication Number: GB-1218160-A


1,218,160. Optically brightening textiles and paper; paper. J. R. GEIGY A.G. 30 Oct., 1969 [31 Oct., 1968], No. 53301/69. Headings D1P and D2B. [Also in Divisions C2 and C5] As optical brighteners, use is made of triazinylamino stilbene compounds of the formula: in which W denotes a morpholino or 2, 6- dimethyl-morpholino radical, an N-benzyl-N- hydroxy-alkylamino radical, an N-hydroxyethyl-N-alkylamino radical or an N-hydroxyalkyl-N-cyclohexylamino radical, X denotes a dialkylamino radical, an alkyl radical in these definitions containing 2-4 carbon atoms, Y denotes hydrogen, an alkali or alkaline-earth metal cation or a quaternary alkyl ammonium cation and Z denotes an alkoxy group of 1-4 carbon atoms or a group -SO 3 Y (see Division C2). Examples describe the use of the products in the manufacture of paper and the treatment of cotton. The treatment of wool and polyamide fibres and fabrics is also mentioned. The compounds may be used as crystalline solids or as solutions, a number of solvents such as glycol ethers, alkanolamines and dimethyl formamide being specified. In the treatment of paper pulp additions are made also of alum and rosin and the brightener is introduced in a starch solution, while in washing cotton in a solution containing the brightener, sodium silicofluoride and optionally sodium metasilicate, caustic soda and sodium, tripolyphosphate may be included.




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