Improvements in cotton and like reels


1,217,585. Moulding reels. A. E. PIGGOTT (PLASTICS DIVISION) Ltd. and DAVID SANDEMAN & CO. (LEICESTER) Ltd. 15 April, 1969 [9 April, 1968], No. 16916/68. Heading B5A. [Also in Division B8] A reel of the thread-reel type comprises coaxial tubular members 2, 3 arranged one within the other to leave an annular space therebetween, a plurality of longitudinally-extending radial webs 4 arranged between the members and integral therewith, an integral end wall 6 which closes the annular space at one end of the reel. In a preferred embodiment, four radial webs are employed disposed mutually at right angles. The reel is preferably made from plastics material by injection moulding. A mould for use in the manufacture of a reel as described above comprises a main mould part having a generally-cylindrical mould cavity which is open at one end and defines the outer shape of the reel and its end wall, and a second mould part which closes the open end of the cavity and is provided with core elements which extend into the cavity and define the spaces between the radial webs and the bore through the centre of the reel.




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