Improvements in distance pieces or spacing members for reinforced concrete piles formed in situ


1,217,413. Piles; reinforcement spacers. CELMAC PLASCLIP Ltd. 30 June, 1969 [29 June, 1968], No. 31177/68. Headings E1H and E1W. Reinforcing rods B for a concrete pile that is to be cast in situ are bound by a wire D whereon member A are loosely mounted for centring purposes, mounting of each member being facilitated by a slot a<SP>4</SP> wherein an anchoring member C can be lodged and secured by inter-engaging teeth c, a<SP>6</SP>. Each member is made of plastics material e.g. polypropylene or polyethylene. An alternative member, Fig. 5 (not shown), differs mainly in respect of the shape of the member C and the arrangement of the teeth. A known member, Fig. 1 (not shown), is similar to that shown but not does include the slot and anchoring member.




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