Improvements in or relating to sealing means for dampers and the like

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Grovag Grossventiltech
  • Publication Date: December 23, 1970
  • Publication Number: GB-1216669-A


1,216,669. Seals for flue dampers. GROVAG GROSSVENTILTECHNIK A.G. 21 Dec., 1967 [19 June, 1967], No. 58164/67. Addition to 1,101,057. Heading F4B. [Also in Division F2] In a damper seal of the type comprising at least one loop of flexible sheet material secured around the damper face according to parent Specification, the seal is formed as a number of independent sections each having a supporting member and adapted to be secured to the rigid part of a sliding damper to form a continuous seal. The edges 25 of a strip of spring- tempered metal 5 are secured to a base-plate 30 to form a loop seal with an internal support member 21. The unit is secured to the air pipes 35 forming a rigid frame for a sliding damper by screws 22 reached through holes 33 in the seal and support. The edges 25 of the seal engage the sides of the pipes 35, and holes in the base-plate 30 and gaps 23 at the sides of the support member allow air to pass into the seal 5. Stiffening pieces 19, 20 at the base and top of the loop do not cover the actual contact area 34, and holes 28 allow sealing air or gas to escape. The sections of a damper seal an arranged in pairs, the adjacent edges of the sections of each pair being perpendicular to the base, and the outer edges being inclined. Butt strips may be secured to the edges of the sections to close the gaps between adjacent sections.




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