Process for selective oxidation of straight-chain paraffins

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Labofina Sa
  • Publication Date: December 02, 1970
  • Publication Number: GB-1214417-A


1,214,417. Oxidizing paraffins. LABOFINA S.A. 7 July, 1969 [6 Aug., 1968; 4 Feb., 1969], No. 34080/69. Heading C2C. Straight-chain paraffins are oxidized, predominantly in the 2-position, to give products having the same number of C atoms, namely alcohols (which may be isolated as the corresponding esters when e.g. carboxylic acids are used as solvents) and ketones, using an oxidizing system (with or without O 2 ) comprising (1) a compound of a metal of variable valency, which metal is in the higher valency state and has an oxidation-reduction potential of at least 0À99 volt (e.g. Co, Cr, Ce, V, Ag or Pb) and (2) an acid, stable under the reaction conditions, having a dissociation constant above 5 x 10<SP>-3</SP> (e.g. H 2 SO 4 , H 3 PO 4 , HClO 4 , Cl 2 CHCO 2 H, Cl 3 CCO 2 H, F 3 CCO 2 H or p-TsOH), or BF 3 or mixtures thereof, at - 20‹ to +100‹ C.




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