An Improved Joint or Coupling for Flexible or Lead Pipes, Hose Pipes and the like.


121,314. Thompson, W. P., (Ingham, T. S., and Pawlick, J. J.). Nov. 29, 1917. Joints with longitudinal pressure and with yielding outer pipe or sleeve compressed.-A hose-pipe joint comprises a union piece formed at one end with a conical nipple A over which is placed a flexible pipe F, and formed at the other end with an external thread G, or an internal thread for screwing on to a metallic supply &c. pipe. The pipe F is gripped in a watertight manner by a somewhat conical end D<1> formed on a screwed sleeve D which engages a threaded surface C formed on the union piece. The sleeve D is formed with a milled exterior, or of square or hexagonal section to receive a spanner for rotating it. In a modification, the nipple A is formed on a portion of the union piece which is of less diameter than that shown, and in this case the pipe F is gripped against the side A<1> of nipple A by a conical surface of reverse slope to that shown in Fig. 1. A flange H may be used to limit the movement of the sleeve D. Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specifications 2091/89, 6566/05, and 17362/06.




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