Dual-storage rotary gear assembly

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bhs Bayerische Berg
  • Publication Date: October 28, 1970
  • Publication Number: GB-1210460-A


1,210,460. Epicyclic gearing. BAYERISCHE BERG.-HUTTEN-UND SALZWERKE A.G. 8 Aug., 1968 [18 Aug., 1967], No. 37904/68. Heading F2Q. Epicyclic gearing, e.g. for driving contrarotating ships' propeller shafts, comprising two three-element planetary trains a, b, the sun wheels e and m of which are mounted on the input shaft c and mesh respective planets f and n on a common carrier g mounted on the inner propeller shaft g 1 , the outer propeller shaft q 1 being driven by the ring gears o, o 1 of train b with the ring gears h, h 1 of train a being fast with the housing to take the reaction for both trains.




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