Yeast extract in the form of a paste and process for its preparation


1,210,362. Yeast extract. DYNA S.A. 2 June, 1969 [13 June, 1968], No. 27857/69. Heading A2B. A paste-like yeast extract contains gas bubbles, of diameter up to 0.2 mm, preferably less than 0.05 mm, and especially in the range 0.0005-0.02 mm, in such amounts that the specific weight of the extract is less than 1.1, preferably less than 0.8, and especially less than 0.6 gm/ml. The gas may be air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or halogenated hydrocarbons such as are used in aerosols. The extract may contain 20-35 wt. per cent. water.




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