1,210,327. Luminescent materials and uses thereof. INSTITUT RADIOTEKHNIKII ELEKTRONIKI AN SSSR. 22 Nov., 1968, No. 55532/68. Heading C4S. [Also in Division H1] An active material capable of stimulated emission comprises a heavy metal halide, an ion of a rare earth metal and phosphorus oxychloride. The material may be a liquid or be transferred to the vitreous state by heat treatment, stimulated emission is obtained at 1060 nm by optically pumping a liquid (Example 1), comprising 84 parts of phosphorus oxychloride (POCl 3 ), 12 parts of stannic chloride (SnCl 4 ) and 4 parts of neodymium chloride (NdCl 2 ), each part by weight. The mixture is formed in a dry inert atmosphere and then boiled until the neodymium chloride is completely dissolved. Other examples (in parts by weight) are:-




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