Improvements in or relating to Coats, Jackets, Tunics and the like.


120,528. Cannon, A. June 18, 1918. Coats and jackets. -To provide for special freedom of the arms when desired, the arms of a coat, jacket, tunic, or other sleeved garment are formed at the armholes so that the latter may be extended at will. For this purpose the coat is formed with a double or inverted pleat a extending across the armhole and along the inner side of the sleeve to the cuff; the pleat may extend to the bottom of the garment, or to the waist. When the extension is not required, the pleat is secured by one or more straps b, c engaging with buttons, or by hooks, press fasteners, etc.; in the case of a lady's coat, the straps, when not in use, may be passed through a slit in the pleat into the inside of the coat.




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