Improvements in or relating to ladders and scaffold planks


1,200,737. Scaffold planks; ladders. GOUGH & CO. (HANLEY) Ltd. 5 Oct., 1967 [27 April, 1967], No. 19572/67. Heading E1S. A wooden scaffold plank is reinforced longitudinally with resin-bonded glass fibres. The reinforcement may be pre-fabricated as a resinbonded glass fibre strip, or the resin may be hardened in situ, and the reinforcement may run in an undercut trapezoidal-sectioned channel 35 or a rectangular-sectioned channel. The plank may have end slots 36, as shown, and an end piece 42 screwed therein, with a corrugated edge 43 co-acting with an end edge 44 to retain the reinforcement, which is tensioned and runs along one side of the plank, around both ends and a short distance from each end along the other side. The plank may alternatively have J-shaped metal end-pieces (Fig. 3, not shown) each with a corrugated outer channel 17 and ribbed end edges, and in this embodiment the reinforcement is stressed.




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