Improvements relating to Oven Doors


1,199,760. Oven doors. CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. Ltd. 15 Dec., 1967, No. 57118/67. Heading F4W. An oven door 11 comprises an outer door panel 12, an inner door liner 13 connected to said panel 12 by a flange 19, a pan-shaped inner panel 14 arranged so as to fit into the oven cavity 15, brackets 24, 27, 28 welded to the side walls 22 of the pan for securing the panel 14 to the liner 13 by means of screws 25, and a circumferential flange 23 integral with the said walls 22 for engaging a sealing gasket 16. The gasket 16, preferably of glass fibre, is mounted on the flange 23 to cover the top, two sides and four corners of the flange, and is secured to these flange portions by both metal strips 29 and arcuate strips 30 provided with stamped-out tabs 31 which pass through a double-sleeve of the gasket 16 and co-operate with openings provided in the flange 23, and by a wire 32 which is threaded through the gasket and fastened to the brackets 24, 27, 28. A U-shaped retainer (17, Fig. 3) is added to the bottom portion of the flange 23 to facilitate the adjustment of the oven door so as to maintain a controlled gap at the bottom during the cooking operation in order to oxidize the smoke. A thermally insulating material 26 e.g. glass fibre can be sandwiched between the inner panel 14 and the liner 13 and between the liner 13 and the outer door panel 12 in the area opposite the oven opening.




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