Improvements in Apparatus for Filling Receptacles with Liquid.


119,938. Dean, H., and Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Nov. 14, 1917. Filling jars, cans, and like receptacles. - Relates to apparatus for filling tanks &c. with liquids, particularly applicable for filling the cells of electric storage batteries, and of the kind comprising a closed filling-chamber a provided with an outflow pipe d and an air-inlet pipe e. According to the invention, a two-way cock c is provided for controlling the flow of liquid from the storage chamber b to the closed chamber a and from the chamber a to the cell &c. to be filled. The mouth of the pipe d is situated at or below the level of the mouth of the air-tube e. In a modification, the air-tube is arranged mainly externally to the apparatus; and a portion of the tube may be made of glass so that the rise of liquid therein when the cell is filled may be seen, or a float or other device may be provided to give such indication.




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