Improvements relating to Weighing Apparatus


1,197,331. Valves. W. & T. AVERY Ltd. 1 Jan., 1968 [31 Jan., 1967], No. 4611/67. Heading F2V. [Also in Division G1] For an automatic feed weigher comprising a hopper 27 which is mounted on a weighbeam 28 and fed with material from a supply shoot 26 via a control valve, the valve comprises an opening 24 which is closable by a sliding gate 25, the gate 25 being movable from an open position to a partially closed position defined by retractable stops 14 and to a fully closed position. The gate 25 is slidably actuated by a pneumatically operated jack 10 which is connected to the gate 25 through tie bars 21 and a beam 20, the beam 20 being provided with buffers 15 which engage stops 14 when the gate 25 is slid to its partially closed ,position. The stops 14 are retractably mounted on fluid operated jacks 12, 13 which when operated allow the gate 25 to be slid to its fully closed position by the jack 10. The weigh hopper 27 is provided with a pivoted closure member 32 which has a counterbalance weight 33 and which is arranged to be tilted to an open position by a solenoid 36 through a lever 35 and link 34, when a predetermined weight of material is in the hopper and the feed of further material to the hopper is cut-off, so that the material in the hopper is discharged.




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