Improvements in and relating to Endless Conveyors.


1,195,985. Endless conveyers. W. H. DUNN & SON Ltd. 10 Jan., 1969 [2 Nov., 1967], No. 49851/67. Heading B8A. An endless conveyer comprises a pair of driven chains 10, a plurality of cross-bars 13 connected to spaced pivot pins 12 of the chains, and a troughed endless belt 15 mounted on the cross-bars. The pivot pins 12 are cranked so that the endless belt 15 is supported at the same level as the chains and the walls 16 of the belt are slit, Fig. 2 (not shown), at positions corresponding to the pin 12 for passage of the belt around curves and sprockets. The walls of the belt may alternatively be corrugated or gusseted and the belt may have ribs or slats to assist in conveying along an inclined path.




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