Organosilicon Compounds


1,195,235. Organosilicon compounds; modified polyethers; polyurethane foam. IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd. 18 July, 1968 [7 Aug., 1967], No. 36146/67. Headings C3C, C3R and C3T. [Also in Divisions C5 and D1] Siloxanes and silanes comprise at least one group: #SiR[(OC n H 2n ) x OR<SP>1</SP>COOR<SP>11</SP>] y , where R is a radical free from olefinic unsaturation selected from C 3-11 hydrocarbyl radicals and C 7-17 , radicals containing C, H and O which is present as ether linkages; R<SP>1</SP> is a linear or branched C 1-4 saturated divalent radical; R<SP>11</SP> is a monovalent hydrocarbyl radical or a polyoxyalkylene radical; n is 2, 3 or 4; x is 0 or a positive integer and y + 1 is the valency of R. R may be trimethylene, R<SP>1</SP> may be methylene, ethylene, 1,2-propylene or 1,3-butylene; R<SP>11</SP> may be alkyl, aryl, aralkyl, alkaryl or cycloalkyl, e.g. methyl, ethyl, propyl or butyl. R<SP>11</SP> may alternatively be a polyoxyalkylene residue: (C b H 2b O) z R<SP>111</SP>, where b is 2, 3 or 4, z is a positive integer and R<SP>111</SP> is a monovalent hydrocarbyl radical free from unsaturation, e.g. methyl, ethyl, butyl, octyl, phenyl, tolyl, benzyl or cyclohexyl. The remaining groups attached to the Si-atom may be alkyl, aryl or organosiloxanyl, e.g. methyl, ethyl, phenyl, polydimethylsiloxanyl or polymethylhydrogensiloxanyl groups; alkoxy or aryloxy groups or halogen atoms may also be attached to the Si-atom, e.g. methoxy, ethoxy, isopropoxy, n-butoxy, 2- methoxyethoxy or phenoxy groups. The compounds may be prepared by reacting a compound with an organosilicon compound with at least one Si-bonded H atom. R<SP>IV</SP> and R<SP>V</SP> are H or C 1-4 alkyl radicals and R<SP>VI</SP> is a linear or branched chain radical such that the group: is the same as R in the product and (y + 1) in the valency of R. Reaction may be carried out using a Pt catalyst. The polysiloxanes are useful as wetting agent in preparing polyurethane foam. In an example a polymer of formula where R is is used in polyurethane preparation. The examples also describe the preparation of the terminally unsaturated polyethers; in an example a polyoxyalkylolid cyclohexanol: is treated with p-toluene sulphonic acid and allyloxyacetic acid to yield an unsaturated ester of formula




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