Adhesive Fabric.


1,195,019. Laminated fabrics. COURTAULDS Ltd. 6 Oct., 1967 [14 Nov., 1966], No. 50843/66. Heading B5N. A fabric carries, on at least one surface, adherent filaments of a nylon copolymer having a melting point in the range 110-160‹ C. The preferred nylon copolymers are 6/66 and 6/66/610 and these are mixed with plasticizers such as sulphonamides, and extruded as filaments on to a moving web of, say, cotton fabric. This may be moved at a speed corresponding to that of the extruded filaments, in which case the filaments are taken up on the fabric in continuous parallel lines, or at a lower speed, in which case the filaments overlap one another to form a random web. The fabric is then passed beneath infrared heaters so that the filaments are fused to it, in which case a further piece of cloth may subsequently be laid upon the treated fabric and caused to adhere by heat and pressure. Alternatively, a further piece of cloth, e.g. of wool, may be passed between heated rollers with the fabric carrying the filaments so that the latter are caused to adhere to both pieces of cloth simultaneously.




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