Improvements in or relating to Sweetening Compositions.


1,194,344. Sweetening compositions. L. L. F. DEADMAN. 21 Oct., 1968 [8 Nov., 1967], No. 50830/67. Heading A2B. Sweetening composition comprises a sugar in admixture with a synthetic sweetener and a humectant, the synthetic sweetener not forming a firmly adherent coating to the sugar, and the humectant being present in amount not exceeding 3 wt. per cent. Sugars include sucrose, glucose and lactose. Humectants include glycerol, propylene glycol and other glycols, sorbitol, caramel, molasses, water, and aqueous solutions of sugar or hygroscopic inorganic salts. Artificial sweeteners include saccharin and cyclohexane sulphamic acid and their salts.




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