Tethering Device for Land Processing Machines


1,194,114. Tethering device. T. HICKSON and I. H. MASSEY. 16 May, 1969 [18 May, 1968], No. 23750/68. Heading A1F. [Also in Division B7] A tethering device comprises a reel of rope or the like means for anchoring the reel into the ground comprising a rectangular cross-sectioned shaft fitting into a complementary member in the ground, means for preventing the reel from rotating and means on the free end of the rope or the like for attaching to a land processing machine to allow the processing to continue unattended. The rope is preferably of polypropylene and the complementary member which is fixed in the ground has two flanges extending outwardly from diagonally opposed corners. The reel is in two sections, a cylindrical member around which the rope or the like is wound and a shaft offset from the centre of the reel, a locking device on the cylindrical member preventing relative rotation of the two parts. The free end of the rope or the like is in two parts for attaching to the front and to the rear of the processing machine which may be a lawn mower.




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