Improved Weighing Device

  • Inventors: RUNE FLINTH
  • Assignees: Asea Ab
  • Publication Date: May 06, 1970
  • Publication Number: GB-1191189-A


1,191,189. Spring mountings. ALLMANNA SVENSKA ELEKTRISKA A.B. 26 Feb., 1968 [27 Feb., 1967], No. 9122/68. Heading F2S. [Also in Division G1] A weighing device comprising a load carrier 2 and at least one force sensitive transducer 4 is provided with one or more bearing elements 5 each comprising at least two metal plates (6) (Fig. 2, not shown) which sandwich a plate (7) of resilient material, the device also comprising a stop arrangement which limits horizontal movement of the load carrier 2. As shown, a rectangular load carrier 2 is mounted within a recess of a base 1 and is supported at each corner by a support 3, a transducer 4 and a bearing element 5, the sides of the recess forming the stop arrangement. In a further embodiment a transducer (8) (Fig. 3, not shown) is formed as part of the associated bearing element which is provided with three metal plates (6, 9) and a resilient plate (7). The stop arrangement may instead of being formed by the sides of the recess be formed by bevelled members mounted adjacent the carrier 2, the carrier 2 in this embodiment being supported on a flat floor.




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