Improvements in or relating to the Manufacturing of Facing Sheets for Use in Buildings


1,189,991. Laminates; moulding plastic material. VULCAN PLASTICS Ltd. 21 April, 1967 [21 April, 1966], No. 17559/66. Headings B5A and B5N. [Also in Division E1] A method of making a composite facing sheet having keying means for use in attaching the sheet to buildings comprises continuously contacting a facing sheet and a corrugated open network material, applying pressure to the resultant assembly thereby securing the corrugated sheet to the facing sheet so that a substantial part of the corrugated sheet projects outwardly from the facing sheet, the corrugated sheet being formed by deformation of a sheet of open network material prior to contacting the sheets. In a preferred embodiment, a gel coat 15 of compounded polyester resin is sprayed on to release coated conveyer belt 11, the coating dried by infra-red lamps 36, a further layer 17 of polyester resin applied by spray 13 and a glass fibre mat 16 rolled into layer 17 by rollers 18, wire netting from roll 19, corrugated by rollers 22 is then applied to the resin-glass mat composite under pressure from belt 23, the polyester resin fully cured by infra-red lamps 24 and the resultant composite material cut into sheets. Additional polyester resin to assist bonding may be applied by spray 20. Set, initially fluid material, e.g. concrete, plaster, polyurethane foam or a mixture of vermiculite and sodium silicate may be bonded to the keying means in a mould.




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