Improvements in or relating to Builders Scaffolding.


1,188,940. Scaffolding. BURTON DELING- POLE & CO. Ltd. I March, 1968 [10 Dec., 1966], No. 55406/66. Heading E1S. Scaffolding comprise pairs of uprights 10 spaced apart longitudinally by tubular ledgers 15 and inverted T-section, or angle-section transoms 14, the ledgers and/or the transoms supporting a platform 17, and being supported by sockets 12 on the periphery of each upright near the upper end thereof. Fixed or detachable spigots are provided at the top of each upright 10 so that further uprights 10a can be fixed along the side of the scaffolding furthest from a brick wall 16 being built, and a ledger 15a fixed therebetween to provide a guard rail. Specification 1,188,939, is referred to.




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