Improvements in or relating to Pipe Coupling Systems

  • Inventors: JEAN GACHOT
  • Assignees: Jean Gachot
  • Publication Date: April 22, 1970
  • Publication Number: GB-1188711-A


1,188,711. Pipe joints; stopping pipes; valves. J. GACHOT. 24 April, 1967 [28 April, 1966; 9 Sept., 1966], No. 18673/67. Headings F2G, F2P and F2V. [Also in Division G1] In a pipe coupling arrangement, wherein each of a set of coupling members 6 is clampable between the end flanges of pipe elements 1 by tie bolts 4a, 4b which extend between the flanges and around the respective interposed coupling member without passing therethrough, each coupling member is provided with projecting annular sealing rings at its ends, is adapted to seat or bear longitudinally on two adjacent tiebolts 4a, and is laterally removable from between the flanges on slackening of the bolts without removal thereof. As shown, the tie-bolts 4b are widely-spaced so that each coupling member may be removed therebetween on mere slackening of the bolts. Each coupling member has a different internal construction. In the embodiment of Fig. 2, the coupling member is provided with a transverse diaphragm forming separate chambers 10a, 10b, chamber 10b having a threaded part 15 for reception of a branch-pipe, plug or measuring instrument, such as a manometer or thermometer. The coupling member 6A of Fig. 3 (not shown) provides a straightthrough connection and a wall-tapping for a measuring instrument. The coupling member of Fig. 5 (not shown) contains a filter element 42. The coupling member of Fig. 4 (not shown) contains an orifice plate and suitable manometer tappings whilst the coupling members of Figs. 7 and 8 (not shown) are made. of transparent plastics or heat-resistant glass and contain balls of plastics material, e.g. polytetrafluorethylene, to give a visual flow indication. The coupling member of Fig. 9 contains a disc valve 81 mounted on a stem 71 slidably guided in a threelegged spider 73, the disc being resiliently urged against a valve seat 82 by a spring 83. In the coupling member of Fig. 11 (not shown), a non-return ball valve comprises a ball positioned between a valve seat and stops formed by curved strips bent inwardly from the walls of a sleeve positioned in the bore of the coupling member. In Fig. 12, two coupling members 7a, 7b are rigidly interconnected, member 7a permitting flow between the coupling elements when disposed therebetween and member 7b preventing flow between the elements when replacing member 7c. The tie bolts may be provided with shoulders intermediate their ends to limit compression of the sealing rings, Fig. 14 (not shown), and may be provided with quick-connect or release cam-ended levers 95 pivoted to the bolts at one end.




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