A Pellet Making Machine.


1,187,990. Extrusion pelletizers. E. PAETZOLD. 22 June, 1967 [23 June, 1966], No. 28906/67. Heading B5A. An extrusion pelletizer, particularly intended for the production of animal foodstuff pellets, comprises an upright casing 4 having a multiorificed die plate 8 and a pressing and extrusion member 14 which is mounted and driven such that its bottom surface co-operates with plate 8 to extrude material through orifices 10 as it performs a swash-plate motion. As shown, member 14 is conical and is eccentrically connected to a rotating disc 18 by means of a ball and socket joint 20. The base of member 14 is guided by a ball and socket bearing 16. Spikes 26 facilitate the downward feed of material from inlet 6. In a modification, Fig. 3 (not shown), spikes 26 are replaced by a mixing device (32, 34), connected to disc 18. The drive to disc 18 may be by belt, Fig. 1, or gearing, Figs. 4 and 5 (not shown). The orifices 10 in base 8 are preferably flared at their upstream ends, Figs. 6-9 (not shown). A modified ball and socket joint 20 is described wherein bearings (50, 52), Fig. 10 (not shown), are located on a spigot (56) of member 14.




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