Windscreen Wiper and Washer Assembly.


1,187,867. Windscreen cleaners. J. E. KEDDIE. 25 Sept., 1968 [20 Nov., 1967], No 52770/67 Heading A4F. In a windscreen cleaner a hollow arm 21 is attached at one end to a hollow wiper blade support 14, provided at its upper part with apertures 16, and at the other end to a pump 6, and the arrangement is such that the part 5 is oscillated by a motor through a spindle 2 to pump fluid from pipe 19 into a chamber 8 past non-return valves 11 or 12 and chambers 9 or 10 and non-return valves 18 or 17 and chamber 13 to the apertures 16. In an alternative embodiment the wiper blade 15 is formed on a tube 40 rotatably mounted on an inner tube 41 and the fluid passes through holes 42 in the inner tube 41 and holes 43 or 44 in the outer tube 40 in front of the blade 15 according to the direction of oscillation.




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