Improvements in Blades for Fluid Flow Machines.


1,186,240. Turbine and compressor blades. ROLLS-ROYCE Ltd. Dec. 19, 1968 [Dec.22, 1967], No. 58478/67. Heading F1T. A blade, such as a turbine or compressor rotor blade in a gas turbine engine, has a tip shroud 11 with a bridge piece 16 fitted over the top of the shroud 11 and having end portions 18 of a material having greater wear resistance than the blade. The portions 18 have inclined abutment surfaces 15 which co-operate in the assembled condition with the surfaces 15 on adjacent rotor blades to provide an interference fit which puts a slight twist on the blades to assist vibration damping. Axial location of each bridge piece 16 is provided by ribs 19 on the shroud 11, the bridge 16 then being brazed in position. Each blade may be made from a nickel-chromium alloy whilst the bridge 16, or only the end portions 18 thereof, is/ are made from a wear resistant alloy containing tungsten and chromium carbides, cobalt and chromium. To reduce weight, the intermediate portion of the bridge 16 may be reduced in thickness by machining after brazing.




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