Water Resistant Opaque Papers for Photographic Purposes


1,183,613. Coated paper. SCHOELLER G.m.b.H. [trading as FELIX SCHOELLER]. 22 March, 1967 [31 March, 1966], No. 13396/67. Heading B2E. [Also in Division G2] An opaque paper support for photographic light-sensitivecompositions and suitable for self-developing cameras is made by applying a sealing coat which is impermeable to processing liquids to at least one side of a paper base and then forming an opaque, waterproof coating on one side of the paper base over the sealing coat by applying a waterproof, opaque substance or a waterproof substance and an opaque substance separately or together, the sealing coat being applied as a non-aqueous composition to the finished and dry paper base or the sealing coat being applied as an aqueous coating composition_during the manufacture of the paper base before the latter is dried throughout and the sealing coating being dried at the same time as the paper base. Non-aqueous sealing coats may be of polyethylene and carbon black and aqueous coats may be of latex. In Examples, (1), a paper base is coated on one side with polyethylene and carbon black as a sealing coat, a lacquer of nitrocellulose and carbon black as the opaque waterproof coat and a lubricating coat of graphite and ethyl cellulose and on the other side with polyethylene and TiO 2 which is matted and electrically treated before being coated with an adhesive for a light sensitive emulsion; (2), an unfinished paper is coated with a latex containing reduced starch, TiO 2 and/or clay, with a silicic acid coat and then with a lacquer containing carbon black, the other side is coated with a TiO 2 -nitrocellulose lacquer and subbed; (3) after sealing as in (1) and (2), a paper is coated with a carbon-TiO 2 -styrene/butadiene latex and then with a lubricating ethyl cellulose coating.




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