Improvements in or relating to foot attachments for sewing machines


1,182,673. Sewing machines. R. B. HOWELL. 4 July, 1967, No. 21005/69. Divided out of 1182672. Heading D1G. To facilitate the sewing of zipper tapes to material, a presser foot 18 has a longitudinal bottom groove 36, a downwardly-projecting member 42 dividing the leading end of groove 36 into two channels 38, 40 and a needle-passing aperture 44 extending through the foot midway between said channels, member 42 being disposed forwardly of aperture 44. Foot 18 is formed with an upper T-shaped transverse bar 26 adjustably attachable to a shank (20) as described in Specification 1182672. Foot 18 may thereby be moved laterally to align the needle with aperture 44 for sewing on a concealed zipper tape, or with either one of grooves 32, 34, formed in the respective sides of foot 18, for sewing on an exposed zipper tape.




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