Improvements in lampshades


1,181,378. Lampshades. ALUMISTE Ltd. 2 Aug., 1968 [27 Oct., 1967], No. 48930/67. Heading F4R. A lampshade consists of a plurality of tiers a, a<SP>1</SP> each comprising a ring formed of a plurality of geometrical figures, the figures being built up from strips b and each figure having a base b<SP>1</SP> and an arcuate surface b<SP>3</SP> opposite the base. The figures of each ring are assembled with their bases facing inwardly to form a central tunnel b<SP>2</SP> to house the lamp bulb (not shown) and the ends of adjacent figures are secured to each other and to one of a series of vertical supports C common to all the tiers. A central ring D for attachment to the bulbholder is connected to the bases of two of the figures in the top-most tier by wire strips d. The strips b are made of heat resisting plastics material or of aluminium having a concaveconvex cross-section.




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