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US-2014001173-A1: Kitchen appliance patent, US-2014005415-A1: Immobilization of ionic liquids via mechnochemical intercalation in layered materials patent, US-2014078879-A1: Bearing apparatus, spindle motor, and disk drive apparatus patent, US-2014084747-A1: Electromechanical converter having a two-layer base element, and process for the production of such an electromechanical converter patent, US-2014137995-A1: Aluminum-copper alloys containing vanadium patent, US-2014140023-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2014147836-A1: Methods and apparatus for imaging molecules in living systems patent, US-2014183177-A1: Semiconductor device and method for driving the same patent, US-2014205696-A1: Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same patent, US-201436-A: Improvement in methods of preparing transfer-sheets or matrices for printing patent, US-2015010492-A1: Methods and Compositions for the Disruption of Biofilms patent, US-2015082766-A1: Slubbing Machine with an Arrangement for Detecting and Removing Yarn Flaws patent, US-2010154816-A1: Method for Testing and Practicing Application of Highlights to Hair patent, US-2010218012-A1: Methods and systems for providing a wireless security service and/or a wireless technical support service for personal computers patent, US-2011075503-A1: Main decoding circuit and semiconductor memory apparatus including the same patent, US-2011244052-A1: Polyunsaturated fatty acids for improving vision patent, US-2012027797-A1: Preservation of Bioactive Materials by Freeze Dried Foam patent, US-2012068197-A1: Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device patent, US-2012168322-A1: Oxygen Sensor with a Microporous Electrolyte Layer and Partially Open Cover Membrane patent, US-2012320238-A1: Image processing system, camera system and image capture and synthesis method thereof patent, US-2012321749-A9: Topically seasoned taco shells patent, US-2012328404-A1: Industrial robot having a protection device patent, US-2013011340-A1: Compositions and methods comprising magnetic resonance contrast agents patent, US-2013050738-A1: Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-2013143778-A1: Upgrading deasphalting residue to high performance asphalt patent, US-2013242542-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2013267480-A1: Novel crystalline forms of trans-7-oxo-6-(sulphooxy)-1,6-diazabicyclo[3,2,1]octane-2-carboxamide sodium salt patent, US-2013287528-A1: Methods and apparatus for large diameter wafer handling patent, US-2013313799-A1: Wheel bearing for a utility vehicle patent, US-2014105594-A1: Detecting device and detecting method patent, US-2014105976-A1: Pharmaceutical formulations of pilocarpine patent, US-2014113327-A1: Biochemical sensor for quantitative simultaneous multi-species bacteria detection in situ patent, US-2014260079-A1: Modular door beam assembly and method of assembly patent, US-2014345392-A1: Yoke unit, yoke unit manufacturing method, torque detection device, and electric power steering device patent, US-2010220157-A1: Ink-jet head and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2010224033-A1: Handheld power tool patent, US-2010266929-A1: Catalyst having a dehydrogenation function or hydrogenation function, fuel cell using the catalyst and hydrogen storage/supply device patent, US-2010289041-A1: Semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-2010304568-A1: Pattern forming method patent, US-2011159345-A1: Electrode active material and method for producing same patent, US-2011287142-A1: Creation of diversity in polypeptides patent, US-2011319158-A1: Side betting on gaming and related non gaming items patent, US-2012011342-A1: System and Method to Manage a Translation Lookaside Buffer patent, US-2012025062-A1: Hybrid analog-to-digital converter, an image sensor and a method for providing a plurality of digital signals patent, US-2012062782-A1: Optical imaging lens assembly patent, US-2012154753-A1: Method of manufacturing foil for producing a pepper's ghost illusion patent, US-2012156526-A1: Pouch case for secondary battery and secondary battery using the same patent, US-2012170710-A1: Patient support system and support surface therefor and method of installation thereof patent, US-2012197335-A1: Ceramic bushing with inductive filter patent, US-2012237153-A1: Monolithic photonic integrated circuit patent, US-2013005125-A1: Nanoparticle positioning technique patent, US-2013137012-A1: Solid oxide fuel cell electrode systems and methods patent, US-2013169893-A1: Tilted dichroic color combiner ii patent, US-2013242275-A1: Optical mems scanning micro-mirror with speckle reduction patent, US-2013253088-A1: Cured guayule rubber containing compositions and method for preparing same patent, US-2013261265-A1: Ethylene-based polymers and processess to make the same patent, US-2013266514-A1: Method of Providing Disease-Specific Binding Molecules and Targets patent, US-2013269133-A1: Gelatin Encapsulated Oral Care Composition Containing Hydrophilic Active, Hydrophobic Structuring Agent and Oil Carrier patent, US-2013321722-A1: Method, apparatus and system on a chip for controlling a stereoscopic display device patent, US-2013346435-A1: Query validator patent, US-2014043671-A1: Electrowetting display device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2014080293-A1: Solar cells having nanowires and methods of fabricating nanowires patent, US-2014087072-A1: Vapor deposition system and method patent, US-2014244075-A1: Damage adaptive control patent, US-2014336420-A1: System and method for producing gasoline or dimethyl ether patent, US-2015090121-A1: Humidifier with ultraviolet disinfection patent, US-2015101964-A1: Particle separator patent, US-2015108374-A1: Optimized multi-pinhole collimator for dual-purpose clinical and preclinical imaging patent, US-2010203088-A1: Silver Nanoparticle Dispersion Formulation patent, US-2010219289-A1: Purge device and hydraulic system comprising such a purge device patent, US-2010279304-A1: Methods for producing nucleic acid hybridization probes that amplify hybridization signal by promoting network formation patent, US-2010287406-A1: Node apparatus, communication system, and method of providing service patent, US-2010306196-A1: Method and device for the individual storage of public information patent, US-2010317805-A1: Polymerisable naphthopyrane derivatives and polymer materials obtained from these derivatives patent, US-2011229385-A1: Method of leaching copper sulfide ore patent, US-5860331-A: Transmission gear patent, US-2011282239-A1: Tissue Harvesting Device with Manual Dicing Mechanism patent, US-2011285142-A1: Generator with Single Turn Wave Winding, Wind Turbine and Method for Determining the Thickness of the Slot Insulation of a Generator patent, US-2012022281-A1: Process for producing (s)-3-[(1-dimethylamino)ethyl] phenyl-n-ethyl-n-methyl-carbamate via novel intermediates patent, US-2012051085-A1: Black Light Lice Comb patent, US-2012183675-A1: Seed treatment systems and methods patent, US-2012321085-A1: Data Expansion Using an Approximate Method patent, US-2013157108-A1: Lithium composite metal oxide and method for producing same patent, US-2013164826-A1: Microfluidic apparatus, method, and applications patent, US-2013177739-A1: Metal foil provided with filler-containing resin layer and method for manufacturing metal foil provided with filler-containing resin layer patent, US-2014111851-A1: Apparatus mounted with heat-insulation light-guide film patent, US-2014113049-A1: Process for making low-calorie confectionary product and confectionary product patent, US-2014134276-A1: Anti-tumor drug, medicament, composition, and use thereof patent, US-2014180187-A1: Wound care product patent, US-2014224736-A1: Device and method for regulating a treatment device patent, US-2014234950-A1: Culture containers with internal top coating over gas barrier coating and associated methods patent, US-2014261175-A1: Self-centering process shield patent, US-2014307962-A1: Systems and methods for quantifying graphics or text in an image patent, US-2014309231-A1: Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds patent, US-2014317788-A1: Non-Transgenic Tomato Varieties Having Increased Shelf Life Post-Harvest patent, US-2010120463-A1: METHOD AND PoC GATEWAY FOR IMPLEMENTING PoC SERVICE patent, US-2010228731-A1: Large graph measurement patent, US-2010255406-A1: Solid-state fuel cell including chemical electrolyte protection layer and method of manufacturing same patent, US-2010280658-A1: Automated vending system and method patent, US-2011045982-A1: Herbicidal composition patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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